On the 6th of September 2012 Ewa Sadowska (Barka UK) and Magdalena Chwarscianek (Barka NL) together with Marie Belek (Nkeme Foundation of

Cameroon) met in Brussels with Gerhard Braeunling, a European Comission official, who was one of the ‘fathers’ and creators of European Equal Initiative. Gerhard Braeunling knows Barka from years 2004-2006 when Equal was implemented in new accession countries and Barka was also involved. Thanks to Equal initiative a lot of civic society and social entrepreneurship initiatives were started in Poland.

Ewa presented the INISE idea to him and he said that although he is busy with a programme of repair for Greek economy now, he will be retiring from Comission soon and could help out with INISE and next steps to prepare the African pilot programme. He was very interested and said it is great that good models and experiences are being replicated and that he will support INISE in ‘Equal of Europe with Africa ‘ programme. We are very happy to have him on board, as he is a man of great knowledge and experience.