Barka’s NL reconnections programme for the homeless Eastern European migrants in the Netherlands was started first in Utrecht in January 2012, following an invitation from the municipality of Utrecht.  Later similar programmes were started also in The Hague, Amsterdam, Arnhem and in 2013 in Eindhoven. Reconnections Programmes are financed by local municipalities. Barka NL helps homeless Polish and other Eastern European people not coping with life in those cities to return to their home countries, either to enter rehab treatments, go back to families , or to Barka Network programs      (educational, community and creating work places) in Poland, or other organizations in Poland and other countries, which run reintegration programmes. Barka Network in Poland shows the perspective of helping to rebuild life from even worst circumstances. Each Barka team in those cities in Holland where we work consists of two persons: leader (who has a personal experience of homelessness, addictions and other life difficulties that he successfully overcame ) and assistant – a person, who has a formal education (from social area, e.g. psychologists, social workers) who knows the language and the country.