Reconnections project –The Hague

Barka’s NL reconnection programme for the homeless Central-Eastern European migrants in The Hague started in March 2012 following an invitation from the municipality of the Hague. Barka NL helps homeless Polish and other Central-Eastern European people not coping with life in The Hague to return to their home countries, either to enter rehab treatments, go back to families, or to Barka Network programs (educational, community and creating workplaces) in Poland. Barka Network in Poland shows the perspective of helping to rebuild life from even worst circumstances. Until December 2014 Barka has helped more than 200 vulnerable, homeless CEE countries nationals in reconnection with the country of origin. Barka team in The Hague are: assistant Anna Rozmarynowicz and one of the Barka’s Leaders. A leader is a formerly homeless person, that has a personal experience of difficulties that a lot of migrants face. He rebuilt his life within Barka Network programs in Poland and is now helping others abroad.

Contact with the Hague Barka team:
Tel.: 0652629274;