Vacancy for Social assistant (Romanian speaking)

Barka Foundation (Dutch branch) is looking for a new colleague to help assist homeless citizens of Central and Eastern Europe in The Hague. Barka has been running aid programs for the homeless for 12 years, including London, Utrecht, Dublin, The Hague, Rotterdam, Antwerp. The aim of the activities is to help citizens of Central and Eastern Europe to overcome homelessness, addictions and other difficulties by returning to their country or getting help in the Netherlands.

Job title: Social assistant

Barka Foundation assists vulnerable European citizens who encounter various problems in the Netherlands.

As a Romanianspeaking employee, you will:

  • Work together with the Romanian team of social assistants;
  • Visit places where Romanian citizens/migrants live and/or temporarily stay (such as day/night shelters, campings, hospitals, mental health institutions, other organizations);
  • Respond to the support requests that come either directly from the person in need or indirectly from different social partners and provide guidance and help according to the situation;
  • Encourage, motivate, and assist beneficiaries in finding a job (with accommodation) or when the perspectives in NL are lacking, in returning back to their home country – reconnection.

As a (Romanian-speaking) employee, you need to:

  • Speak fluent Romanian;
  • Have a good knowledge of the Dutch language (and/or English);
  • Have undergone/undergo higher education, preferably in the social/psychological field;
  • Feel comfortable working with the target group;
  • Consider the call for flexibility of movement between/within different regions of the Netherlands.

What we offer:

  • Working experience in an international NGO with colleagues of different nationalities;
  • Gaining knowledge of the social economy field, whose principles the Barka international aid program is based on;
  • Gaining insight into the field of addictions;
  • Salary according to the collective labor agreement for social work;
  • Working time: 36 hours per week

Estimated start date: September/October 2022

Application procedure

The first phase of the recruitment process will be an interview. Subsequently, the candidate will follow a several-day in the field training in Stichting Barka’s projects across the Netherlands.

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