The visit  of representatives of Barka network : Barbara Sadowska and Larisa Melinceanuto Romania was a good opportunity to visit also other organizations in order to strengthen our connections in Romania in the benefit of Romanian migrants we support each year. We are therefore especially grateful to Ms. Georgeta Jucan, president of CRFPS Pro Vocatie, who facilitated our visit to National Agency for Roma people and to “Sfanta Macrina” Center, both situated in Bucharest.

At the National Agency for Roma people we were welcomed by the president Vasile Daniel who is also a State Secretary. Mr. Vasile Daniel listened to the vivid presentation Barbara Sadowska made in order to give a comprehensive picture of what Barka means and what Barka’s activities spread in a community’s reality. He informed us that just one day before our visit, the Romanian Parlament voted the law of social economy in Romania, law which maybe do not solve all the challenges in the field but which he trust it will be in time improved precisely by the good practices from this complex domain. Mr. Vasile Daniel also presented in short the agency he leads, a governmental structure which aims to represent the Romanians of Roma ethnicity at a national level, trying to harmonize the specific programs and projects developed in order to improve the situation of Roma people, most of them implemented by non – governmental organizations. He expressed his willingness of further collaboration. He thinks that the good practices already existing in Romania could be enriched by the good practices from Poland. Especially working in strategic partnerships took his attention.

Vasile Daniel - the president of National Agency for Roma People








Mr. Vasile Daniel, the president of National Agency for Roma People with rank of State Secretary. (the source of the foto:

National Agency for Roma People







The National Agency for Roma People (the source of the foto: