Inspired by the activities of Barka Poland, a new foundation was established in The Netherlands on the 9th of May, 1994 and was named Barka NL (Stichting Barka).

The aim of this foundation was to support educational and community projects of Barka Poland in a number of ways. The details of the activities are mentioned below.

  • 1994 – Official registration in the Chamber of Commerce under No. 41121526
  • 1995 – Agricultural equipment and materials (wool and vegetable seeds) given to Barka PL community projetcs
  • 2000 – Dental surgery equipment donated to Barka-Zawady educational project; Wil Braakman, an agricultural expert, visits Barka’s communities in Marszewo and Chudopczyce;
    The donation of vegetable seeds
  • 2001 – The establishment of the new board of Barka NL
  • 2001-2005 – The donation of used camping caravans
  • 2002 – Three thousand guilders were raised during an event organised by Therapeutic Centre „Scorlewald” 
  • 2003 – Participation in the opening of the projects for homeless, De Groene Sticht and Leidsche Rijn 
  • 2006 – The donation of shoes, sanitary materials, clothes and blankets
  • 2007 – The donation of used chairs and tables from St. Mathew Parish in Alkmaar together with shoes and clothes
  • 2008 – A study visit of Barka NL board to the Barka UK homeless migrants support project in London
  • 2009 – Participation in Christmas Eve organised for the poor and homeless in Poznań;
    A study visit of Barka PL members to The Netherlands to familiarise themselves with the organic agriculture and horticulture in Holland;
    A visit to an eco-village in Almere;
    The donation of 10 wheelchairs
  • 2011 – A study visit from Barka PL and Barka UK to The Netherlands;  Meetings with the local governments of Utrecht, Den Haag and Amsterdam about cooperation on the projects directed at helping homeless Poles in The Netherlands. 
  • 2012 – The start of the homeless Eastern European migrants support projects in The Netherlands